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Sept 29:th 2018

Asterisk * = id from chat, main window or private chat, no asterisk = id heard on air

Real Time Space Weather measurements, in English, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute:

Monday 2019-11-11 Constant static crashes from central Mediterranean

6205      16.50 LHH, S9, Genesis - Illegal Alien
5780      16.57 Harmony, S7, 16.59 jazz, time beeps on the hour, id-jingle, Nancy Sinatra -
               Sugar Town
1611      17.08 RNS, S9, "You've found your Gospel, You've found your Harbour - Radio
               Northern Star", religious songs
5830      17.42 R. 319, S8, French song, David Bowie - Sorrow, 17.48 id: " 33 11 99", seagul
               screams, cd 17.49
1647      17.54 unid, S8, 1650 occ. Greek, Modern Talking - You're my Heart You're my
               Soul, "Ring of Fire", cd 17.57
1655      17.59 unid, S8, 1656 Russian pirate, jazz, tracks of instr. R&R, cd 18.06
1665      18.07 Romeo, SRB, in QSO

3920      19.24 Parade (UK), S5-7, Chris De Burgh - Lady in Red, 19.27: "This is a test
               transmission by Padio Parade International", email, the beginning of
               "The Final Countdown", cd 19.28
3945      19.30 Parade (UK), S5-7, Europe - The Final Countdown, Norman Greenbaum -
               Spirit in the Sky, 19.35 id: "This is a test transmission by Radio Parade
               International", 19.39: comedy version of Cliff Richard - Living Doll, 19.42 id,
               cd 19.45
1634      20.12 Blauwe Koe, S9+10, Dutch songs, 20.21: id + phone number, song: "Das
               kleine Rhein in Grünewald"
1648      20.16 Oldtimer, S9+5, other carriers 1645 and 1650, Dutch songs, polka,
               yodelling, 20.23 id: "Dit is Oldtimer Radio, pirate radio", station id-music,
               fast polka
1667      20.34 unid, S9+10, Feargal Sharkey - A good Heart, cd 20.40
1665      20.46 Armada, S9+15, George Benson - Shiver, more instr. AOR, rock favorites,
               e.g. 21.03 reggae version of "I can't help falling in Love with You", 21.05 id

Sunday 2019-11-10

1630      04.22 unid, S8, other carrier 1629, polkas, Dutch songs
1660      04.30 Faro de Santidad, PTR, S9
1640      04.32 Nicola, GRC, S8, song: "Fly Robin Fly", Rick Assley - Never gonna give You Up
1662      04.38 unid, S7, Russian pirate
1636      04.41 unid, s/on, S9+5, polkas, 4.46 Dutch version of "Cotton Fields", Maritje-
               polka, "Sing ein Lied"-jazz, "Ramona oh Ramona rote Rosen für dich"
7700      09.52 FRS Holland, peaking S9 and fading , German program, 10.00: " FRS
               Holland - Another hour of music power", presenting jingles of present
               pirate stations, Focus, Coast FM, Freedom, ann. of Eifeler Radiotage
               (yesterday 6030 kHz), listener letters + rock tracks + jingles
               11.22: still fairly steady S8, Dave Scott's Radiowaves: rock and listener letters
               from Japan (FRF) and Sweden (Omar), repeat of the show 13.30: S7, 14.15: S8
5790      10.08 FRS Holland, peaking S6, fading, in daytime noise, at 15.35 on 5800 kHz, S5
10.15     unids 6205, 6305, weak and in daytime noise
6275      10.15 unid, peaking S6, fading, instr. version of "The Winner takes it All", Radetzky-
               March, contemporary classical like, 10.26: Dutch song .... apperars to be the
               one from yesterday 6290 kHz playing a looped mx program
6260      10.28 R. Scotland, peaking S9, fading, 10.30: Johnny Cash - Solitary Man, 10.34-10.37:
               carrier only, cd 10.38 with audio breaking, on again 10.50, 10.53: "This is Radio
               Scotland International, this free radio station is now closing", email, cd
6320      10.40 Deltracks, peaking S6, fading, German rock: Falco - Der Kommissar, 10.46: id-
               jingle, Westlife - Mandy
6290      11.00 Cuckoo R., S6 and fading, Spanish id + Cuckoo-sound

6280      14.39 KR1, S9, Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever, id 14.43, moved to 6290 at 14.54
6265      14.44 unid, S8, German songs, falling into noise
6284      14.55 pres. Joey, S9, techno mx

Extremely calm ionosphere, MD=0.01-0.0 nT/s
6305      15.44 Zeewolf, S9, Europe - The final Countdown, R&R, 15.50: Les Reed
               Orchestra - Man of Acion, 15.51 "Where ever you're, this Radio Zeewolf,
               signal gone in Germany, but good in Scandinavia and in Finland at Rick's",
               dance mix songs: "Sugar Honey Honey", "The Gambler", Hollies - Long cool
               Woman in a black Dress,16.06: Golden Earring - Radar Love, .. signal
               disappearing ... dance mix of "The Riddle", id + greez to listeners in Europe,
               "On 6305 after Mr. Merlin went to the city", email, 16.15: "Radio Zeewolf
               closing down", good evening wishes, Dutch song .... signal gone at 16.18
6280      16.05 pres. Joey, S9+5, techno dance, cd 16.07

3930      17.11 Bogusman, S8, jamming of Vo The People and occ. amateurs on freq,
               17.15: Bogusman talking about the group Radiohead, 17.20: a record from
               the album Cure - Pornography
5800      17.27 FRSH, S8, jingle: "Winter or fall, FRSH beats them all", talk about Radio
               Atlantic, disco mx, email, snail mail address, talk about 100 years of
               broadcasting in Holland, Mike Taylor hosting free radio memories, 17.35:
               Feargal Sharkey - A good Heart, 17.39: Kim Karnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Boomers on MW:
1636      17.43 Ros AM, S9+10, Little River Band - Help is on its Way, Whitesnake - Is
               This Love, Pearl Jam - Alive, CCR - Suzie Q - I heard it through the
               Grapevine, Eddie Money - Baby hold On, Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It be
               good, 18.17: Madness - It must be Love, Faces - Stay with Me, 18.42 id:
               "Ros AM Radio", Billy Ocean - Loverboy, greez to Barones, Poco - Call It Love
1629      17.51 Mondeo, s/on, S9+5, pan flute mx, id 17.53, Paul Anka - A Steel Guitar and
               a Glass of Wine
1647      18.24 Speedy Gonzales, S9+5, song; Flippers: "Hello my love Ich bin glücklich
               wenn Ich bei dir bin", instr. mx, carrier only, The Mamas And The Papas -
               Monday Monday, 18.35: "1,2,3, hier is de Speedy Gonzales, having
               difficulties with the mic"

Ionosphere still very calm, MD=0.00-0.01 nT/s:
1636      19.34 Schaduwjager, S9+15, id, German song, polka, cd 19.40
1645      19.40 Vonkenboer, S9, Dutch waltz, Shuffels - Sha la la I need You, Dutch songs,
               instr. mx, 19.57 Dutch waltz, 20.00 instr. rock, 20.04 song: "Juanita", 20.08:
               greetz to several stations, id: "Dit is Radio Vonkenboer", greez to Martin
1615      19.43 Turftrekker, S9+5, 1616 other Dutch, id 19.45: "You're listening to Radio
               Turftrekker from the Netherlands", phone number, greez to DXAce
1629      19.47 Mondeo, S9+5, greez to Rotterdam, Barones, 19.50: id, greetings to Alf,
               email, "Dit was de Mondeo uit Twente", yodelling polka, cd 19.54 and a
               Greek appeared on freq
1635      20.01 Bluebird, S9+15, Dutch waltz: "Kom en tantz met mig", instr. R&R, Dutch
               rock, instr. mx, Dutch rock, German waltz, 20.18 song: "Schenk mir das Jahr
               der Berge", instr. mx, id 23, greez to Ziegbok, Schaduwjager, "ja, dit is
               Bluebird hier", song: "Arrivederci, ci, ci, when You come to Italy"

Saturday 2019-11-9

6750      14.02 Fryskeheide R., S8, occ. ute on freq, 14.04 id "Dit is Radio Fryskeheide",
               German songs, 14.07 song: "Ramona", Dutch song, polka, 14.15 Dutch
               pirate song: "..pirates on air are playing Netherlands' records ...", 14.23:
               River Kwai march, Dutch song, music box mx
5895      14.45 Bergen Kringkaster / R. Northern Star, S7, several English id's, Ray Conniff -
               Happiness is, then in wide ute 5870-5920
6290      14.52 unid, S8, instr. mx: "Lady of the Morning", Russian slow mazurka, birds
               singing along with the classical music, pan flute + instrumental, 15.00 other
               carrier to freq, more like classical, 15.06 Dutch song, same looped music
               list started playing again ..... did not contain any id's

1617      17.05 Mike Radio, S9+5, other carrier on freq, greez to Bootsman, Dolfijn, "Dit is
               Mike Radio uit de Veluwe", Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine, "Mike -The
               greatest golden oldies from the Netherlands", Dutch version of the
               originally Swedish "Fröken fräken ifrån fryken", Earth Wind Fire -
               September, id, greez to Marconist, Schaduwjager, 17.19: Meatloaf -
               Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Pink Floyd rec., instr.rock, 17.31: id,
               email, web address, jingles, Pink Floyd - Time, ... , 18.45: S9+10, songs: San
               Sebastian, Weg Utrecht-Amsterdam, Bule Bule, 18.58: "This is on the SW -
               Mike Radio", email, Les Reed Orchestra - Man of Action, 19.00 thanking for
               listening, email, cd 19.01
1630      18.36 unid, S8, other carriers 1630 Dutch , 1629 Dutch,1628
1638      18.39 Jeneverstoker, S9, greez, id, polka
1647      18.38 K&K, S9+5, Dutch songs, 18.48 "Dit is Keizer &Keizerin, goede dag",
               polka, 18.49 another id and phone number
1655      19.02 Turfsteker, S9, Greek on freq, QSO Mike Radio, instr. R&R, 19.04 id-jingle:
               "Dit is Radio Turfsteker"

1633      19.22 Yogi R., S9+15, Cats - One Way Wind, Albert Hammond - I don't want to die
               in an Air Disaster, Steve Goodman - Auctioneer, Guns N' Roses - Sweet
               Child O' Mine, Paul Simon - Graceland, Johnny Cash - Don't take your Guns
               to Town, 19.52: A Flock Of Seaguls - The more You live the more You Love,
               AC/DC - Thunderstruck, ... 20.05: Marbles - The Walls fell Down, CCR -
               Down on the Corner, Rammstein - Du Hast, 20.16 id, greez to Witte Reus,
               "Dit is Yogi Radio met Dr. Einstein en Relmus", Queen - The Show must go
               On, Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling
1641      19.58 Jeneverstoker, S8, song: "Kleine Italiener, Gina en Marina", avoiding
               splashes from 1633
1616      20.24 unid, S8, other carrier on freq, song: "Oh lonesome Me", Dutch country mx,
               Dutch songs

5780      20.58 Harmony, S6, Nat King Cole - Smile, time beeps on the hour, "If music is
               your soft spot, beautiful music on Harmony"
1665      21.06 Klok, S8, Dutch song: "Marianne Marianne", yodelling polka song, more
               Dutch songs, 21.27: "Je sind verbonden met de Radio Zender de Klok",
               greez, song: "Rosen vor jeu"

3915      22.00 Borderhunter, S9+5, BBC Singapore on freq, 22.01: "Everything is bigger in
               Texas, right ?", 22.02: "You're tuned to the secret sounds of Borderhunter
               Radio", "Hello SW Freak, this is Borderhunter Radio from Belgium, sorry
               can't say the excact location, because this is free radio", greez to Marco,
               22.13: id + greez to Alexandr, 22.19: Cure - A Forest, 22.29: greez to
               Dokkum DX, Gino, "Borderhunter Radio - always a pleasure to listen",
               German rock, 22.35: Soft Cell - Torch, more techno dance mx, 22.45 going
               into long skip and BBC taking over the freq, 22.47: "Borderhunter Radio is
               closing down", greez to chat, email, greez to Gino: "Thanks for a great
               video", 22.48 "Listeners, thanks for listening, Borderhunter Radio goes
               closing down", email twice, "Bye, bye", cd 22.49

1655      22.55 unid, S8, Dutch songs, 22.59 song: "San Sebastian, your people don't have
               to run", song: "Elke Morgen ...", more Dutch songs

Friday 2019-11-8

6290      14.09 Cuckoo Radio, S9, id, email, Irish folk mx
6305      14.11 Voice Of The World Radio / Radio Stirling Castle, S9, man talking and Beatles
               playing "Mind Games", 14.11 and 14.14 id + email, "Voice of the World Radio from Old
               Stirling Castle in Scotland", 14.54: Michael Jackson - Rock with You, female and
               male id + email 14.57 and 15.02: voiceoftheworldradio @, "Voice of peace
               and democracy", cd 15.08
5780      14.44 Harmony, S8, Astrud Gilberto - Girl from Ipanema

1611      16.40 Kaaiman, S9, RNS on freq, QSO Vonkenboer, cd 16.41
1636      16.42 unid, cd 16.44
1630      16.44 Belladonna, S9, song "Ave Maria", id 16.45 and greez to Casablanca, Shadows
               mx, "Dit is Belladonna uit Emmen", instr. 60's rock, Dutch country mx: "Little Joe"
1645      16.54 Sluwe Vos, S8, Dutch songs, id 17.01 and greez to Alf
1641      17.01 unid, S9, Dutch songs, cd 17.06, no id
1638      17.10 Osaka, s/on, S9+5, polkas, id 17.16 "Dit is Zender Osaka", good evening
               wishes, id again 17.17
1647      17.18 Telefunken, S9, 17.21 QSO Osaka, cd 17.22
1644,4   17.24 DB, S9, song "My Papa was a Polka Man", QSO Osaka, cd 17.26

1634      18.16 Uniek, S9+5, "Dit is Uniek, Kris en Annie, met een paar platjes", Dutch songs
1647      18.27 Admiraal Zender, id, QSO Telefunken, Koto mx, id 18.29 again,QSO
               Telefunken, cd 18.30
1642      18.32 Marconist, S8, in QSO with Blauwe Fasant, Dutch song, id again 18.33

Geomagnetic disturbance peak at 19 UTC, signals fading, evening static crashes from
western Mediterranean, Italy, Croatia
1655      19.25 B4, S9, Dutch songs, instr. rock, int. hits
6205      19.38 LHH, S8, Michael Gray - The Weekend, QED - Love Bites
5830      19.45 ass. R. 319, S9, relay of R. Mi Amigo, 19.53: ELO - Rockaria, 20.00:
               commercials, songs: "The Continental", "Boom boom boom Bumerang", Mi Amigo
               id, cd 20.08

3920      20.09 Mustang, S9+5, Maywood - Rio, polka, 20.12: "1,2, listeners, very good
               evening, this is Mustang Radio, low power station from the north part of the
               Netherlands", 20.21: Tears For Fears - Sowing the Seeds of Love, id at 20.24, greez
               to everybody, ... , 21.33: Guru Josh Project - Infinity, 21.39 geez to Gino, Jari, Josef,
               dance mix of "When the Heartache is Over", booming at S9+10, Flashdance - Deep
               Dish, greez to Ernesto, id 21.46, dance mix of "In the Midnight Hour"

1665      22.10 Sluwe Vos, S9+5, "I'm glad you're listening to the best show on MW", id in
               Russian at 21.28, Alice Cooper -Poison, Billy Idol - Sweet Sixteen, 21.34 greez to
               Gotland, Sweden, Alizee - Ela Ela, cd 22.58
1642      22.15 Vonkenboer, S8, Dutch and German songs, 21.19 talking in Polish ?, id 22.21,
               Dutch song: "You're 18", on again at 23.10, song: Popcorn, QSO Noordzee, Uniek,
               Monte Carlo
1656      22.15 Jeverstoker, S8, Dutch songs, e.g. 22.52: "La Paloma Blanca", id 23.57, cd 23.58
1634      21.24 Uniek, S9+5, id, phone number, "Kris and Annie from the Netherlands",
               Dutch song: "My Friend for Life Long, You and Me"
1645      22.41 Witte Raaf R., S9+5, greez to Dageraad, Dutch songs, id 21.48, phone number,
               22.59: Free - All Right Now, 23.01 greez to Sluwe and others, 23.03 song: "Piraten
               Omar", 23.07 song: "Moonlight Shadow" + greez to Gotland, Sweden: "Only 150
               watts here, that's all", 23.46: "This is Witte Raaf R. from the north coast of the Netherlands"
1611      22.44 unid, S9, RNS on freq, country mx
1642      22.46 Noordzee, S9, 1645 splashing, id, in QSO, Dutch, cd 22.50
1617      22.51 unid, S8, other carrier on freq
1645      23.05 Monte Carlo, QSO Noordzee, Yogi on freq

Thursday 2019-11-7 Remote connection working again

6272      15.15 Misti R., S9, occ. helicopter ute on freq, German version of "I can't help falling
               in love with You", id, greez, thanking for reports, KC & The Sunshine Band - That's
               The Way, id, Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime, ... 15.31: Racey - Lay Your Love On
               Me, 15.37: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the last song now": Mud - Dynamite, Ike & Tina
               Turner - Proud Mary, greez to chat and listeners, "This is Misti Radio from the north
               east part of the Netherlands, bye bye", cd 15.45
6272      15.49 Fox 48, S8, occ. helicopter ute on freq, Eminem - White America, blues, 16.00
               id, country mx, greez to Klaus and The States
5790      16.16, S9+5, All Eighties Jukebox, Whitney Houston - I'm saving all my Love for You,
               16.19: "If you want to hear your 80's favorite why not drop us a line - All Eighties
               Jukebox", email, 16.23: Tracy Chapman - Fast Car ----- in strength and audio this
               sounds like the return of The 80's Radio
5780      16.27 Harmony, S9, 5780-86 beeping ute, big band jazz, 16.31:"Across the world on
               SW - Harmony", more jazz

Evening static crashes from Greece and western Mediterranean
6205      19.05 LHH, S7
1633      19.11 Dolfijn R., S9+5, Dutch songs, march mx, id 19.24, greez to other stations
1655      19.13 unid, S9+5, other carrier on freq, Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays,
               Olivia Newton-John - Physical, Moody Blues - Question, Billie Jo Spears - Blanket on
               the Ground, Schocking Blue - Venus, Who - The Seeker, Rod McKuen - Soldiers who
               want to be Heroes, Moody Blues - I'm just a Singer, song: "Volare", Cats - One Way
               Wind, Tina Charles - You set my Heart On Fire, Dr Hook - Sharing the Night Together,
               Blondie - Heart of Glass, ... 50 minutes up without id ..., Tony Orlando & Dawn - Tie a
               yellow Ribbon round the old Oak Tree, Osmonds Brothers - Crazy Horses, Elton John
               & Kiki Dee - Don't go breaking my Heart, Rod Stewart - Maggie May, ... 60 minutes
               up ..., Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love, song: "Don't cry for me Argentina", Kinks -Lola....
1616      20.14 Meteoor, S9+5, Dutch songs, polkas, 20.44: pirate song: "Veronica ...cuckoo",
               20.51 song: "O Bella Italia", id 21.07, greez to Marconist, Bootsman, Eigen Risico
1646 / 1647, 20.46 two Dutch unid's in co channel interference

Tuesday 2019-11-5 Received at the city QTH

6230      16.57 Coast FM, ute 6230-33, commercials, news on the hour
6285      17.16 JT, S9+5, Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence, Shirelles - Will You still
               love me Tomorrow, Bobby Vinton - Mr. Lonely, Elvis - It's now or Never,
               Schocking Blue - Venus, part of Roy Orbison - Oh pretty Woman, Jope
               Ruonansuu - Traktorinpyörä on traktorinpyörä, Kikka - Sukkula Venukseen -
               Anna rakas raju hetki, Porter Wagoner - Hundred Dollar Funeral, Anne
               Mattila - Asfalttiviidakko, Janne Tulkki - Yksinäinen pitkä tie, Merja
               Rantamäki - Jossain, 17.55: "This song especially for ....": Jope Ruonansuu -
               Juodaan Vodkaa, Laura Voutilainen - Niin kuin meren hiekkaa, Kari Tapio -
               Äiti Valvoo, cavalcade of guitar R&R, 18.12: Frank Sinatra - My Way

Monday 2019-11-4

Nothing much received at the city QTH after having returned from work after local sunset
6230      18.30 Coast FM Automated
1638      20.51 "Dit is Bluebird Radio uit Noord-Oost Nederland, een piraatzender"

Sunday 2019-11-3 Experimenting reception at the city QTH while remote connection is broken

6305      11.30 R. Rainbow, 11.34 song "Why did you tell me, don't leave me this way", id 11.39
6275      11.40 R. Batavia, rock, jingles, 11.46 id
6290      12.03 unid, song: "Hokey Pokey Polka", more polka, faded into daytime noise
6280      12.23 unid, moved to 6285 at 12.26, rock in the daytime noise

Grayline reception in the city QRM:

6280      13.53 unid, rock, id 13.54, Beatles - A Hard Day's Night, greetings, id 13.57: XX
               Radio, 14.01: "testing, transmitter problems ..", 16.02: Rolling Stones -
               Sympathy For The Devil, 14.05. "Free radio on SW, this is XX Radio",
               Beatles - I feel Fine, 14.08 station jingle, email, Rolling Stones - I used to
               love her but it's all over Now, Beatles - Eight Days a Week - Get Back, 14.20
               station id-jingle, then falling into after grayline noise, id's very bassy
6270      14.14 unid, moved from 6275, then disco mx, cd 14.20
6230      14.26 Coast FM, VMW on freq

Ionosphere very calm and recovering after grayline:

6276      15.48 pres. JT, svensk gammaldags musik, cd 15.54
6284      15.55 pres Joey, S9, techno dance mx, 15.59 station jingle, 16.04: dance mix of
               Dire Straits - Money for Nothing, cd 16.23
6205      16.13 LHH, Billie - She Wants You, "Nobody plays a better variety of music - LHH"

6275      16.27 pres Joey, pres. move from 6284, dance mx version of Irene Cara - What a Feeling
6210      16.29 unid, rock

Remote connection broken until the end of week 45.

Saturday 2019-11-2

6265      13.00 KCR, id-jingles
6390      13.02 unid, 6400 No Korea splashing, ute on freq, possibly two pirates on the
               same freq, Sandra - Maria Magdalena, id in the interference
6230      14.43 Coast FM, So Hope on freq, id, David Bowie - Modern Love
6290      14.47 Fox 48, S9, id 14.51: "Hello, 1,2,3, this is Radio Fox 48 playing some good
               music tonight, Scandinavia's free radio testing", tchno dance mix, another
               id at 15.03, 15.12: "You're listening to Radio Fox 48, Scancinavia's number 1
               free radio", Europe - The final Countdown

6205      16.19 LHH, Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
6290      16.25 Zeewolf, Heart - Barracuda, 16.29: "This is free Radio Zeewolf International,
               Queen - Radio Gaga, 16.34 another id, afternoon greetings to the chat,
               "Closing after this one for dinner", Schocking Blue - Venus
3920U    16.41 Mike Radio, Burt Bacharach - Raindrops keep falling on my Head, Les Reed
                Orchestra - Man of Action, "This is broadcasting on the SW - Mike Radio",
                tracks of pirate radio theme mx, 16.55: id-jingle, 17.01: Golden Earring - Back Home

1645      17.30 Digital, Dutch country mx, id 17.34, Santana - She's Not There, 17.37 greez
               to Nachtzwerver, cd 17.38
1640      17.39 Telefunken, QSO Torpedojager, Modern Talking - You're my Heart You're
               my Soul, cd 17.42-49, again QSO Torpedojager, Soto
1630      17.45 Torpedojager, S9+15, polka, QSO Soto, cd 17.48-58, QSO Soto, cd 18.03,
1611      17.55 Veluwse Ster, S9+5, RNS on freq, song: "Deutchen Lull in my Way", 18.01:
               song "God speed John Glenn", Dutch songs, 18.07: Ballad of the Green
               Barets, Dutch songs, 18.18 Dutch version of "Je t'aime", 18.36: Dutch
               version of "Country Road take me Home", id 18.55: "Goede avond, goede
               avond, dit is Radio Veluwse Ster"
1633      18.01 Ros AM, S9+15, 1630 splashing, Argent - Hold your Head Up, 18.23 song:
               "The harder They come the harder They Fall", 18.26 jingle: "Music -a, go, go"
1630      18.27 DB, S9+10, Merrymen - Big Bamboo, id 18.29, Johnny Cash - Orange
               Blossom Special, id 18.43, phone number
1620      18.32 Soto, in QSO with Torpedojager
1656      18.37 Vonkenboer, S9, Dutch songs, 19.02 Dutch version of "Big Bamboo",
               moved 1656>1659>1656 at 19.04, song: "Ich nehme dich mit auf die
               Reise", id 19.07, QSO de Klok
1640      18.39 Twentana, S9, greez to Alf, Dutch songs, cd 18.57
1636      18.50 Veronica, 1633 splashing, song: "Gimme your Love", echoing id 18.52
1645      19.00 Odynn met Twentana, S9, greetings

Friday 2019-11-1 Evening ionosphere very calm

6276      18.20 Radio Doctor Tim, several id's with Lili Marlene playing and jingles: "Wake
               up man" and " This free radio, we are Radio Doctor Tim", several other id's
               and email
6290      18.26 Cuckoo Radio, Italian amateurs on freq, id + email at 18.35, Traveling
               Wilburys - End of the Line
6283      18.37 unid, Eric Clapton - Lay down Sally, country mx
6270      18.52 unid, ute on freq, rock, 18.53: Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Living Doll,
               vanished into noise
6230      18.58 Coast FM, station adds, e.g. "The first station on the Canaries to broadcast
               also in DAB"
6205      19.02 LHH, id, vanishing into noise
5780      19.54 Harmony, "All day, all night, all nice - beautiful music radio, this is
               Harmony", song: "Peace in the Valley"
1641      19.59 Marskramer, S9+5, Abba - The Day before You Came, polka, id 20.01, greez
               to Tomas, id's in English and German at 20.03, greez to Doc Tim, to Sweden
1630      20.44 unid, S9+5, other carrier 1629, Gloria Estefan - Can't Stay Away From You,
               Kool & The Gang - Celebration, cd 20.51, no id
5840      20.54 Focus, id, phone number, Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
1645      21.45 Monte Carlo, s/on, S9+2, 1641 splashing, polka, song: "Rode Rosen", Dutch
               songs, moved to 1647 at 21.51, Dutch and German songs, 22.08:
               Speedwagon - Keep on loving You, 22.20: George McCrae - Rock Your Baby,
               Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth, short tx break 21.28, id 22.29
1620      21.56 unid, Survivor - Eye of the Tiger, REM - Losing my Religion, 80's hits, 22.12:
               Queen - I want to break Free
1631      22.11 unid, polkas, then in the splashes of 1635
1635      22.19 unid, S9+5, 1641 splashing, Dutch and international rock, 22.34-37:
               Norwegian Coastal Service to freq,
1647      22.42 Nachtzwerver, QSO Monte Carlo, greez, Dutch song 

1653      22.44 unid, wobbling carrier, polka, ass. Jeneverstoker
1665      22.55 Vonkenboer, id, Dutch song, cd 22.56, on again 22.56, in QSO with e.g. Curacao

Thursday 2019-10-31

1629      19.35 Dolfijn R., S9+10 Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou, 19.38 greez to Paradiso,
               Alabama, id: "Dit is Dolfijn Radio met Silvia"
1638      19.40 Bluebird, S9+15, greez, song: "Rode Rosen"
6230      19.45 LHH, S6, commecials, id , Tom Jones - It's not Unusual
1655      20.19 Professor Ziegbok, S9+5, greez to Osaka, cd
1633      20.35 Turftrekker, S9+5, Dutch songs, 20.41: "test 1,2,3", id: "Besondere goede
               avond, dit is Turftrekker aan de band"
1675      20.45 unid, S9+5, German and Dutch songs, cd 20.54

Wednesday 2019-10-30

6230      19.50 Coast FM, id, Brice Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark
6205      19.55 LHH, Free - Wishing Well
1665      20.52 unid, S9+5, Cats - One Way Wind, cd 20.59
1630      20.59 Quintus, S9, QSO Jonge Boer, Sapporo, Dutch songs

Tuesday 2019-10-29 One hour of listening:

48 m almost closed at 19 UTC, but weak audio on 6205, 6230 and 6305
6270      19.12 unid, song: "C'est la Vie", vanished or cd
30 minutes of listening on 180 m:
1630      20.29 unid, S9+15, cd, no id
1644      20.31 unid, S9+5, thanking for reactions, no id, cd
1617      20.38 Marianne, S9+15, id, greez to Alf, Dutch version of "Save the last Dance for Me"
Monday 2019-10-28

1630      17.46 Schaduwjager, S9+10, in QSO, greez, cd, on again 17.59-18.01, in QSO
1640      17.48 Casablanka, S9+10, in QSO, Paul McCartney - Hi Hi Hi, on again 18.02,
               English id at 18.04, cd 18.05
1633      17.49 Digital, S8, in QSO, R&R, cd 17.51
1633      17.51 Spanningzoeker, S9+5, s/on, polka, in QSO, mx, cd 17.55
1655      17.55 Eigen Risico, S9, polka, in QSO, cd 17.58

6205      19.00 LHH, NRG - I need your Lovin, more techno dance mx
6230      19.06 Coast FM, S9+5, Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke, "Coast FM Automated where
               the 80's live on", Godley & Creme - Under Your Thumb
1630      20.55 Turftrekker, S9+10, Koto - Dragon's Legend, cd 20.57
1638      21.05 Bluebird, S9+15, greez to Uitzendkracht