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Real Time Space Weather measurements, in English, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute: 

Real Time Atmospheric Weather near my city and remote QTH's, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute:


Thursday 2021-12-2

Early evening ionosphere unsettled, solar wind: 500 km/s, density: 8 p/cm3 > noisy MW signals:

1665      17.00 Digital, S6-9, Andrea Berg - Du hast mich tausendmal belogen, id 17.03, greez,
               Drafi Deutscher And His Magics - Cinderella Baby, 17.09: G.G. Anderson -
               African Baby, Nicole - Einbischen Frieden
1655      17.17 Belladonna, S4-7, surrounded by carriers, Ike & Tina Turner - Nutbush City
               Limit, instr. polkas, 17.24: tracks of instr. techno polka, 17.32: Men Without
               Hats - Safety Dance, id 17.40, greez to UKDXer, Johnny Camaro and others
1620      17.27 Dolfijn, S6-9, surrounded by other carriers, Dutch songs, polkas, 17.36:
               "Luisteraars, goede avond, dit is Dolfijn Radio", instr. charleston polka

G1 storm peaks at 17 and 18.30 GMT, rattling sounds like the presymptoms of a CME hit
> distorted and fading MW signals:

1629      19.47 Marskramer, S6-9, wobbling carrier on freq, id, Dutch songs
1638      19.49 unid, S6-9, 1629 splashes covering, Dutch version of "Arrivederci Hans",
               Canada-waltz, rock, accordion waltz, yodel polka, march polka, 20.03 song:
               "Mandolinen in de nacht", next: "Tulip Time in Holland"-waltz, 20.23 song:
               "It's gonna be better tomorrow ...", 20.28 song: "Das sind die einsame Jahren",
               20.35: Dutch version of "In einer kleinen Konditorei", 20.44: German "Bella
               bella Donna goodbye auf Wiedersehen"-waltz, 20.50: Dutch version of "Yesterday Man", 60^        1665      19.51 unid, S7-S9+5, Dutch songs, e.g.20.01: Dutch version of "Liebeskummer lohnt                                       sich nicht mein Darling", 20.12-14 carrier only, waltzes, 20.17 Dutch version of                                                 "Hundert Mann und ein Befehl", cd 20.30, no id, 40^

Wednesday 2021-12-1

G1 storm peaks at 16-17 UTC, after which solar vind: 550 km/s, density: 9 p/cm3 > early evening MW conditions weak, very noisy and deep fading, Russians and Greeks dominating

1611      17.07 R. Augusta, S5-9, RNS and Greek on freq and 1602 R. Center disturbing, instr.
               polka, almost vanished, 17.28: Pretenders - I'll stand by You, 17.46: Earth And
               Fire - Maybe tomorrow maybe Tonight, Smokie - Living next Door to Alice,
               17.53: "Remember this golden classic - Radio Augusta", covered by the Greek
1645      17.10 Telefunken, S5-9, 1644 wobbling carrier, Billie Jo Spears - Blanket on the
               Ground, Pussycat - My broken Souveniers, 17.18: Sammy Davis Jr - Mr.
               Bojangles, Mamas & Papas - Dedicated to the One I love, Moody Blues - Nights
               in white Satin, Platters -Smoke gets in your Eyes, 17.33: "Goede avond, dit is
               de RTI, Radio Telefunken", 17.35: Albert Hammond - Free electric Band
1665      17.39 Turfsteker, S5-9, rock, "Dit was de Radio Turfsteker, goede avond", cd

G1-G2 storm peaks 19-20.30 > mid evening signals in fast fading, but in fairly good strength, Greeks and Serbians dominating:

1630      19.43 unid, S7-S9+5, Greeks on freq occ. overriding, Doris D & The Pins - Shine Up,
               19.54: Dutch version of "Lapaloma Blanca", Dutch songs, e.g.20.05: "Monica"-
               rock, 20.19: Buddy Holly - Oh Boy
1645      19.45 Meteoor, S7-S9+5, Dutch waltz, polka and march songs, 20.09: thanking
               Vrienchap for listening, 20.21: Bud Flanagan - Who do You think You are
               kidding Mr. Hitler, 20.26: greez to Eigen Risico, Marconist, id
1670      19.47 unid, 1665 splashes covering, S5-9, Shadows - Apache, more Shadows, 19.52:
               part of an instr. polka, carrier only, cd, on again 19.57, instr. polka, pirate waltz, cd 20.03
1665      19.48 Columbia, S8-S9+5, Greek on freq and occ. 1664, Van Morrison - Brown eyed
               Girl, Jim Reeves - Wreck of the Number 9, John Fogerty - Rock and Roll Girls,
               Dutch songs, 20.00: Christie - San Bernadino, 20.12: greez to Digital, David, id,
               Who - Won't get fooled Again, cd 20.15

Further G3-G1 storm peaks 20.30-22 UTC, despite those this is probably the strongest signal of this station I've received so far:

1646      21.58 Eigen Risico, S7-S9+5, waltz song, 22.00: talking, polka march, 22.04:
               "Luisteraars en amateurs, dit was de Eigen Risico", greez, cd-ann, song, cd 22.07

Tuesday 2021-11-30

Evening ionosphere calm, static crashes from Turkey, eastern Black Sea, Russia, MW signals in slow and very deep fading, Greeks dominating. The aurora oval is almost
reaching my remote QTH. G1 storm peak at 21 UTC, solar wind: 430 km/s, density: 15 p/cm3,                G2-G1 peaks at 21.30-22 UTC: solar wind: 460 km/s.

1646      15.30 Eigen Risico, S4-6, id, waltz and polka songs, id 15.37, greez to Marianne and
               others, 15.39: "Luisteraars, dit was de Risico, goede dag", cd 15.40-48,
               id 15.50
1620      15.40 Utopia, S4-6, other carrier 1622, "Dit was Radio Utopia, experimentelle",
               Fiction Factory - Feels like Heaven, cd 15.42
5140      16.00 Charleston R., S5-7
4875      16.54 Mystery 21, S6-9, "Mystery 21, the sound of free and independent music
               station on SW"
1629      17.22 Alcapone, S4-7, blues: "American Woman", Dutch country mx, R&R version of
               "The old Spinning Wheel", 17.38: Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights, next:
               Searchers - Don't throw your Love Away, rock, id 17.48, Instr. R&R,
               Tremeloes - My little Lady, Cliff Richard - Power to all our Friends
1660      17.32 Josje Power, S6-S9+5, Dutch and German songs, 17.37: id, greez to Digital
1648      18.12 Pereboom, S4-8, Yankovic - Crazy Polka, instr. polkas, 18.18: German polka
               with cuckoo sounds, 18.22: "Hello, hello, dit is de XX", greez, talking, id 18.24
1617      19.55 Marianne, S5-9, id, greez to Tornado, Zorro, Zwarte Man and others stations,
               20.15: Flippers - Ein kleines Hotel bei Cuxhaven, 20.18: greez to Alf, id                                                1629      Bluebird, S7-S9+5, id, greez to Alf, song: "Morny Fingers"                                                             

1648      22.14 Pereboom, S7-S9+5, 1650 Greeks occ. splashing, accordion waltzes and polkas,                                   22.28: "Hello Hello", id, "Hello hello hello", greez, several id's, more polkas

The Unid's:

1629      15.32 unid, S5-7, Dutch song: "Hasta la vista manana", cd
1640      15.44 unid, S3-5, Everly Brothers - Wake up little Susie", id in the noise
1611      18.26 unid, S5-9, RNS on freq badly covering, 1602 R. Center splashing, instr. polka,
               18.28: Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA, 18.30: Fischer Z - So Long, 18.35:
               John Fogerty - Big Train, 18.39: Bruce Springsteen - Janey don't You lose Heart,
               U2 - Sunday bloody Sunday, song: "Diese blauen Augen war so wunderbar",
               18.52 song: "In Prison or free It would'n be hard if You're with me", 30^
1665      19.58 unid, S5-8, wobbling carrier on freq occ. covering, Badfinger - Day after Day,
               Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay, part of Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner,
               covered by the other carrier, 20.07: part of Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the
               Middle with You, part of Tom Petty - American Girl, cd 20.14, no id                                                     

Monday 2021-11-29

Fairly calm evening ionosphere, constant static crashes from Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey

6260      15.53 Parade (UK), S5-7, occ. ute 6260-62, Buggles - Video killed the Radio Star, "This
               is Radio Parade", Cilla Black - If I thought You'd ever change your Mind, id-
               jingle, Cliff Richard -The Day I met Marie, id-jingle, Diana Ross – Do You know
               where you’re going To,
6275      16.05 Cuckoo R., S5-8, Neil Young - Heart of Gold, parts of tracks, 16.13: "On a
               frequency in the 48 meter band you're listening to Radio Cuckoo"
6387      16.27 unid, S3-6, tracks of hard and gothic rock, 16.35 R. Caroline id, Toto - Africa
5140      16.44 Charleston R., S3-6, talking about Greta Garbo's career
1621      16.47 Zwarte Boekanier, S6-9, several id's: "Dit was de Zwarte Boekanier uit Vrieloo",
               phone number, polka song
1656      16.49 Eigen Risico, S3-7, organ waltzes, 16.54 accordion polka, 16.57: "Oklahoma
               Waltz", 16.58: "Goede avond luisteraars, hier is de Risico", cd 16.59
1665      16.51 Digital, S5-7, id, "Just Bacause"-polka, cd 16.52                                                                               

1655      17.53 Oldtimer, S3-6, children's song "Eskimo", Dutch rock and songs, 18.21: greez,
               UB 40 - Kingston Town, greez
1630      17.54 Belladonna, S5-7, accordion polka, Dutch rock, 17.59: Dutch version of "Weine
               nicht kleine Eva, polkas, waltzes, 18.16: Johnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special,
               Dutch version of "Where do You go to my Lovely", 18.28: "Dit is Radio
               Belladonna uit Emmen", greez + instr. jungle rock, cd 18.30
1645      18.07 Nachtzwerver, S5-7, song: "Tomorrow tomorrow I love You", next:
               "Downtown", id 18.10, song: "Kazachok"                                                                                                    1655      18.42 Belladonna, S6-9, Men Without Hats - Safety Dance, 18.43 id, 18.45: greez to                                         UKDXer and others, instr. techno rock                                                                                                         1611     18.55 Zorro, S5-8, on freq Greek and RNS occ. covering, 1602 R. Center splashing,                                           waltzes, id 19.02

G2-G1 storm peaks at 19.30-20.30 and 21 UTC > signals in fading
1630      21.03 Pandora, S7-S9+10, Them - Here comes the Night, German song, instr. polka,
               21.10: Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight, Gareth Gates - Anyone of Us (Stupid
               Mistake), Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn, Dutch song, 21.29: Boudewijn
               De Groot - The Land at Rainbow's End, 21.33: London Boys - Requiem, 30 ^,
               id 22.09, cd 22.13
1645      21.24 Kamelenboer / Oldtimer, S6-9, Dutch songs, 21.40 greez, id, both id's at 21.58,
               cd 22.00-22.09, QSO Pereboom, cd 22.13
1648      22.00 Pereboom, s/on, S5-8, instr. polka, QSO Kamelenboer, id, cd 22.08

Sunday 2021-11-28

The CME hit did eventuate > G1 storm peaks during the night at 23.30, 2.30, 1.30 and 3 UTC >
signals in fast fading and noise, but fairly strong:

6260      08.22 Quintus, moved 6220>6210>6260, S3-6, Dutch polka song, 8.28: Dutch version
               of "I left my Heart in San Francisco = "Roos van Casablanca", yodel polka, 8.36:
               Dutch version of "Pour un flirt avec toi", occ. covered by ute 6263-65, more
               Dutch songs, 8.43: ragtime piano mx, 8.50: Johnny Lion & Jumping Jewels -
               Let's make a Habit of This, more Dutch songs, 10.15: "Dit is Radio Quintus, this
               is Radio Quintus on 6260 the pirate radio from the Netherlands", Audrey
               Landers - Manuel Goodbye, jingle: "Radio Quintus on SW", S4-7
6130      08.52 Casanova, S5-8, greez to David, "Die Heimat da ist ..."-waltz, "Piraten Sender
               aus den ganzen Land"-song, greez to Vrolijke Mijnwerker, Dutch version of
               "Country Roads take me Home", "You will love Radio Casanova, and Radio
               Casanova loves you", email, Dutch songs
5880      09.07 unid, S2-5, tracks of rock and hosting in the ionospheric noise
6020      09.10 R. Monique / Delta R., S6-9, 6022 fax, Carpenters - Top of the World, jingle,
               Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill, "Listeners, welcome to Radio Monique, we are a
               station in the Netherlands ...", Police - Message in a Bottle
6185      09.20 Radio Classic Sunday / Piepzender, S6-9, id, Dutch talking about pirates,
               Shadows - Let me be the One
6280      09.26 RSI, S7-S9+5, reggae, 9.27: "I was supposed to do something else than
               searching for music, ok, this is Scotland", Dave Clark Five - Glad all Over, greez
               to guys on chat, Del Shannon - Runaway, Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown, "Yes,
               it is 60's music, and I like it", Everly Brothers - Temptation, 9.38: Fleetwood
               Mac - Oh Well
6204      09.40 Ros AM, S6-9, Sherbet - Howzat, "We welcome you at Ros AM Radio, enjoy our   
6290      09.54 Blauwe Panda Panter S4-7, Fats Domino - Red Sails in the Sunset, 10.00: Christie -
               Yellow River, Hawaii guitar polka, 10.04: talking,"Dit is de Blauwe Panda Panter
               goede morgen, hello, hello, hello", instr. flute polka, cd 10.09,                                                                             real id from Irish Paul:
6275      10.45 unid, S6-9, Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill, Shorts - Comment Ca Va, 10.55: Roxette -                               Things will never be the Same, ass. JT

Weak, fading and noisy early and mid evening MW conditions after last night's CME impact:

1620      14.25 Zwarte Boekanier, S3-5, waltz songs, 14.32: greez, id 14.34
1660      16.49 Josje Power, S7-9, id 16.51, cd-ann, cd 16.53-58, techno mx, clarinet polka, id,
               QSO Concorde, accordion polkas, cd 17.02
1660      16.54 Concorde, S2-5, QSO Josje Power, id, cd 16.58
1629      17.09 unid, s/on, S3-6, surrounded by other carriers, song: "Willie The Wino", Dutch
               songs, 17.22: Bonnie Dobson - Morning Dew
1666      17.13 unid, S5-8, Tom Petty - A Face in the Crowd, part of Deep Purple - Child in
               Time, Tom Petty - I won't back Down, Fortunes - You've got your Troubles,
               CCR - Lookin' out my Back Door, 17.29: Elvis - Wooden Heart, Buddy Holly -
               Heartbeat, instr. R&R, Emma Louise & Husky Gawenda-RocKwiz - Sound of
               Silence, Manuela - Schwimmen lernt man im See, ass. Digital                                                              1640      19.17 Alabama, S7-9, other Dutch playing polka on freq, Backstreet Boys - Everybody                      1627      19.23 Eigen Risico, S6-8, 1630 Dutch occ. splashing, instr. polkas only, id 19.32, greez                      1630      19.30 unid, S3-6, 1627 splashes covering, in QSO, song "Shalalala shalalali", German song,                           moved to 1612 at 19.44 into the splashes of 1602 R. Center                                                                  1617      19.46 Mondeo, S6-8, id, thanking for report, Dutch songs                                                                      1623      19.52 Turftrekker, S6-8, id, instr. polka

G2 disturbance peaks at 21-22 UTC > signals distorted and in fast fading, but in good strength, static crashes from western Mediterranean, Greece

1647      21.16 Nachtzwerver, S6-9, Van Halen - Runnin' with the Devil, id 21.19
1617      21.18 Mondeo, S7-S9+5, Abba - Ring Ring, song: "Cowboy mensen ..", 21.21: CCR -
               Who stopped the Rain, 21.28: id, greez to R. Delta, Schaduwjager, email in
               English, 21.29: cd-ann., 21.30: Heart - Alone, 21.34 id, greez to Napoleon and
               others, "Dit was de Zender Mondeo vanaf Twente", R&R, part of Mickey
               Mouse-polka, id 21.38, email: "for you your report on this broadcast",
               the rest of Mickey Mouse-polka, cd 21.40
1655      21.20 Wilskracht, S6-9, instr. polka, 21.21: greez, polkas, waltzes, id 21.40, greez to
               Oldtimer, Witte Raaf, Snowman,Snoek, 21.41: "Luisteraars, dit is de Wilskracht
               met een kleine testuitsendung", instr. polka, cd 21.54
1666      21.45 Digital, S7-S9+5, Free - All right Now, Bachman Turner Overdrive - You ain't
               seen nothing Yet, instr. polkas, 22.00: whistling country polka, 22.01: id,
               thanking for reports, cd-ann., whistling continuing, instr. polkas, 22.08: River Kwai-march: 22.09:                 "Je luistert naar frei radio op mittelgolf, Digital AM, Digital Am, this is Digital AM", cd 22.10-15,                     instr. waltz, 22.15: QSO Monte Carlo, instr. "Weine nicht kleine Eva", clarinet polka, cd 22.23          1665      22.11 Monte Carlo, s/on, S7-9, Mr. Walkie Talkie - Be my Boogie Woogie Baby,                                                 22.12: id, QSO Digital, cd 22.14-24, "Rode rozen"-song, QSO DIgital, Nachtzwerver, greez to                         Toulouse and others, 22.27: "Mijn vaderland"-wals, cd 22.30                                                                1635      22.33 unid, S3-6, other carrier 1637, Alvin and The Chipmunks-R&R: "Now this is the                                     moment we've all been waiting for", 22.39: George Harrison - What is Life,                                                       song: "Ein Mädchen für alle Zeiten ..", Blumen-wals, 22.53: James Taylor -                                                         You've got a Friend, 23.00: Whistling Jack Smith - I was Kaiser Bill's Batman,                                                     Norwegian Coastal Service to freq covering

Saturday 2021-11-27

Daytime and early evening ionosphere very calm

6209      11.45 Mordor R., S8-S9+5, instr. techno rock, 11.48: "Free radio from northern
               Europe, this is Radio Mordor", email, 11.39: id spelled out, 13.51-52: several
               id's, email, instr. polka, cd 11.53

6290      13.22 unid, S2-5, Dutch waltz song, Hawaii guitar polka, 13.30 fell into noise, back
               again at 13.45: Dutch waltz song, 13.47 song: "Aan de noordpool wil ik
               drauen ..."
5880      13.31 unid, S3-5, English hosting, Brotherhood of Man - United We Stand, R. North
               Sea Int. id, 13.37: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Something's Burning, RNI id
5140      13.43 Charleston R., S3-5
1624      13.51 unid, S3-5, other carrier 1623, train whistle polka, march mx
6290      15.37 unid, S3-7, ute 6280-6320 occ. covering, Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild, dance
               version of Donna Summer - I feel Love, ass. R. Joey
6255      15.40 unid, S3-7, occ ute 6252-54, tracks of R&R, cd 15.45
6295      15.43 Pioneer, S3-7, ute 6280-6320 occ. covering, id-jingle
1639      16.02 Drukstoomjager, S8-S9+5, QSO Interpool, cd 16.04
1620      16.04 unid, S8-S9+5, McGuinness Flint - When I'm Dead and Gone, tracks of rock,
               talking several times + phone number, no id's detected in 30 minutes
1640      16.07 Casablanca, S8-S9+5, id 16.08, in QSO, greez to Achim
1638      16.11 Interpool, S7-9, in QSO, Peret - Borriquito
1638      16.29 Noordzee, S7-9, German polka march song, in QSO
1633      16.32 Prof. Ziegbok, S6-8, instr. polkas, 16.40: part of Queen - Radio Ga Ga, polka,
               part of same Queen track again, rock tracks, id 16.51, thanking David for report
1617      16.53 unid, S6-8, 1620 splashes badly covering, instr. techno polka, trumpet +
               accordion mx, German and Dutch songs, 17.02: instr. techno polka, polkas

Ionosphere measurements showing calm conditions, yet distorted and fading MW signals, Greeks dominating > predicted CME hit beginning ?, static crashes from western Mediterranean, Italy,      Greece, Turkey
3940      19.40 pres. pres. R. Free Waves Bay, S6-9, Russian hosting + mx, weaker than usually
6955      19.48 unid, S3-6, 50's oldies and R&R, ass. Zeppelin R.
1647      19.56 unid, S6-9, 1650 Greeks splashing, country version of "Me and Bobby McGee",
               song: "Dans dans dans ...", more Dutch songs, ass. K&K
1654      20.01 unid, S6-9, 1660 and 1650 Greeks splashing, German and Dutch song: "Witte
               rozen in zomerwind ..", Scott McKenzie - San Francisco, Dutch and German
               songs, e.g. 20.29 song: "Kom zurück I love you so", next: Uriah Heep - Lady in Black
1660      20.08 Greek station, 15 kHz wide audio, S7-S9+5, covering Dutch on freq playing
               polkas, waltzes

Signals in fast fading:
1615      22.22 unid, S7-9, German and Dutch songs, 22.34 talking, country waltz song, 22.36
               and 22.41 talking, parts of tracks, cd 22.47, ass. Sapporo
1653      22.24 Snowman, S7-9, Boney M - Rivers of Babylon, greez to Aren, Johnny Cash - Ring
               of Fire, Lulu - Marley Purt Drive, 22.35: Bryan Adams - Summer of 69, 22.42
               moved to 1656, id, Hollies - Long cool Woman in a black Dress
1695      22.48 Korenklopper, S8-S9+5, song: "Goede avond, goede avond", instr. mx, "Good
               evening listeners, you're listening to Korenklopper Radio", greez to Squonkie,
               Netzmo and others
1621      22.52 unid, S8-S9+5, other carrier 1652, waltz song, 22.55: "1,2,3, hello", waltz song,
               22.57: "1,2,3", Hawaii guitar polka, waltz songs, tracks of rock, Dutch songs,
               parts of tracks
1652      22.54 unid, S7-9, 1656 splashing, polkas, 23.08: Dutch version of "Mohikana Schalali",
               polkas, Dutch songs, e.g. 23.14: "Marionet", next: "Michaela", ass. Moby Dick
1638      22.58 Nachtzwerver, S7-9, 1635U Norwegian Coastal Service splashing, other carrier
              1640, Scott Fitzgerald & Yvonne Keeley - If I had Words, id 23.06