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Real Time Space Weather measurements, in English, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute: 

Real Time Atmospheric Weather near my city and remote QTH's, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute:


Thursday 2022-9-29

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz: -2 .. 0 nT, constant static crashes and hassle from Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, noise: floor SW=MW=S1, statics +S1
1627      16.33 Ziegbok, S3-7, wobbling other carrier 1628, instr. polka, 16.36: thanking for
               report, Classics - My Lady of Spain, 16.42: thanking for report, Waylon Jennings -
               Love of the common People, 16.45: greez to Metallica, polka "Ole in
               Mexico", 16.47: "Dit is Radio Professor Ziegbok", 16.49: greez to Odynn                                             

5140      17.35 Charleston, S6-9, 17.42: Frieda Weber-Fleßburg mit Max Mensing - Ich möcht'
1640      17.50 unid, S7-9, Dutch song, 17.51: greez, "Jeannette"-polka, 17.58 song: "Kozakken
               bij het bier ..", 18.00-06 carrier only, Boney M - I see a Boat on the River,
               George Baker Selection - I'm on my Way, 18.20: talking, Mud - Dynamite,
               18.33: Boney M - Rivers of Babylon, ass. B4 on the mic from the point of the pier
1649      17.51 unid, S4-7, Greek 1650, march song, polka song, 17.55: "Dutch version of
               "Stupid Cupid", 18.01 song: "Adieu mein kleiner Gardeoffizier", 18.04:
               thanking for reports, cd 18.08
1665      18.09 Vrolijke Mijnwerker, S4-7, Dutch and German songs, 18.18: Bonnie Tyler - It's a
               Heartache, Gary Glitter - The Wanderer, 18.36: Connie Francis & Hank Williams
               Jr. - Send me the Pillow that You dream On, id 18.39, greez
1625      18.29 Zeepiraat, S6-9, QSO Meteoor, 18.30: "Dit was de Zeepiraat, goede avond", cd
1625      18.31 Meteoor, s/on, S5-8, waltz song, id, QSO Zeepiraat
1655      18.34 Marskramer, S7-9, 30 kHz wide audio, Dutch songs, 18.38 id                                                      1618      18.50 Zwarte Boekanier, S6-8, in QSO, mx, id, cd 18.51                                                                          1625      18.52 Dempelier, S7-9, QSO Blauwe Piraat, Meteoor, Zwarte Boekanier, Zeepiraat,                                         id, rock, cd 18.54                                                                                                                                            1625      18.55 Zeepiraat, s/on, S5-8, mx, id, QSO Blauwe Piraat, Meteoor, Dempelier, cd 19.00

Bz: -2 .. 0 nT, constant static crashes and hassle from Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Hertzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, western Mediterranean, noise: floor S1, statics +S1-2
1638      19.43 Osaka, S6-9, other wobbling carrier 1638-40, Dutch and German songs, id 20.09,
               yodel polka
1620      19.47 unid, S7-S9+5, Greek on freq, occ. ute 1620-26, 19.49: Barry McGuire - Eve of
               Destruction, Rolling Stones - As Tears go By, Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour
               Moi, 19.02: Fleetwood Mac - Go your own Way, French song: "It's a Melody for
               You", 20.13: Rolling Stones - Lady Jane, part of Love Affair - Everlasting Love,
               30^, Buggles - Video killed the Radio Star, Goombay Dance Band - Sun of
               Jamaica, Jona Lewie - Stop the Cavalry, 20.32 carrier only, cd, no id
1695      20.24 Digital, S8-S9+10, Dutch song "Freiheit is ...Mercedes ..", Hank Williams -
               Jambalaya (On the Bayou), Patsy Cline - Walkin' after Midnight, 20.32: greez,
               id, Terry Jacks - Seasons in the Sun, 20.35: greez, id, 20.37: greez to Casablanca,
               Willie Nelson - Help me make It through the Night
1494      20.38 Rock Revolution, S6-9, rock tracks, 20.44: id jingle, 20.52: jingle, 20.56: Red Hot                                     Chili Peppers - The great Apes, "This is Radio Rock Revolution"

Wednesday 2022-9-28

Calm ionosphere, Bz steady +1 .. +3 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, no static crashes
6285      17.28 unid, S5-7, Dutch song: "Mi Amigo Radio", cd 17.31                                                                        5140      17.40 Charleston, S6-8, 17.42: "CRI is on the air", Phil Harris - Jelly Bean (He’s a                                                 Curbstone Cutie)

Bz steady -1 .. 0 nT, constant static crashes from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, noise: floor S0,
statics + S1-2
5790      18.50 unid, S4-6, parts of CCR tracks, English hosting, 18.56: dog barking, cd

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz: -1 .. +1 nT, static crashes and hassle from Croatia, Spain, noise: floor MW=S2, statics +S1-2 - very noisy and fading MW conditions
1645      18.20 Oldtimer, S2-5, waltz song, at 19.06: Dutch songs, e.g. 19.11 song: "Winni winni
               wanna wanna", 19.40 talking, cd, S3-7
1638      19.13 Boogschutter, S3-6, occ. other carrier 1640, Dutch songs, 19.30: march mx,
               18.31: talking, greez to stations, 19.56: 1636 carrier covering, 20.00 song
               "Matilde Matilde Matilde", id 20.07, S4-7
1629      19.26 Vrije Vogel, S3-6, Greek on freq, Dutch songs, 19.28: Baccara - Yes Sir I can
               Boogie, 19.33: Brotherhood Of Man - Angelo, 20.02: Hank The Knife & The
               Jets - Guitar King, 20.07: Masquerade - Guardian Angel, 20.13: greez to Alf, id,
               20.14: Hooters - Satellite, 20.38: Middle Of The Road - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep
               Cheep, 20.49: id, S4-7
1611      19.37 unid, S4-7, New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral, covered by Russian
               amateurs on freq
1636      20.24 unid, S4-7, Fogerty - Rock and Roll Girls, Dutch songs, 20.56: talking, id in the
               statics, cd 21.03
1695      20.26 pres. Digital, S7-S9+5, Dutch song, 20.27: Heino - Blau blüht der Enzian, instr.
               polka, 20.36: Buddy Holly - Oh Boy, Johnnie Ray - Yes Tonight Josephine,
               20.43: Queen - We will rock You
1674      20.42 unid, S6-9, 1670 Serbian splashing, Dutch song, Gus Backus - Mein Schimmel
               wartet im Himmel, 20.51: greez, Dutch songs, 20.58: talking, cd
1656      20.53 unid, S5-8, polkas, 21.01: instr. "Please release me and let me Go", Yankovic polkas

Tuesday 2022-9-27

Ionosphere unsettled after last night's G2-storm, Bz: -3 .. +12 nT, constant static crashes from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, noise: floor SW=S1, statics +S1-2
6285      15.51 Misti, S6-8, greez to Mike Fox, Rick, CCR - Down on the Corner - Fortunate Son,
               15.57: cd-ann., cd                                                                                                                                            6955      16.34 unid, S5-7, occ. ute 5955-58, DARC-tune, instr. big band tracks, ass. Zeppelin

Bz erratic: -4 .. +8 nT, constant static crashes from Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, noise:
floor S1, statics +S1-2
6325      17.31 Misti, S6-8, occ. ute 6323-29, CCR - Proud Mary - Commotion - Down on the
               Corner - Fortunate Son, 17.40: "Good evening, this is Misti Radio, with some CCR
               music", greez to Panda, 17.43: CCR - Have You ever seen the Rain - Hey
               Tonight, 17.48 id, CCR - I heard It through the Grapevine - I put a Spell on You,                                                 18.00: thanking for reports, cd                                                                                                                      5140      18.05 Charleston, S6-8, ute 5140-43, listenable only in LSB

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz erratic: -5 .. +8 nT, constant static crashes and hassle from southern Baltic Sea, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, noise: floor MW=SW=S1, statics +S1-2
1655      18.54 Meteoor, S6-9, instr. polka, QSO Zeepiraat, Josje Power, waltz song, cd 18.59
1618      19.00 Marianne, S6-9, other carrier 1617, Dutch songs, 19.08: id, greez to Zwarte
               Man and others
1665      19.13 Josje Power, S7-S9+5, Bachmann Turner Overdrive - You ain't seen nothing Yet,
               Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Boston - More
               than a Feeling, Eric Clapton - Lay down Sally, 19.37: id, greez to Concorde,
               Maurits and others
1629      19.22 unid, S4-7, Greek on freq, Dutch songs, 19.32: Sweet - Blockbuster, 19.35:
               greez, "Dit is de Radio XX", 19.48: talking, instr. polka, cd 19.49
1670      19.27 Turftrekker, S6-9, 1665 splashing, German and Dutch songs, 19.40: cd-ann.,
               greez to Concorde, "In Heaven there is no Beer"-polka, id 19.43, cd
6280      19.52 Monique, S6-9, other carrier on freq, Europe - The final Countdown, 19.56:
               "Hello people auf die Kurzwelle", greez to all European countries, id, Simple
               Minds - Alive And Kicking, id, web site, email, "What are the western countries
               anyway ? they are the democratic countries"

Monday 2022-9-26

Calm ionosphere, Bz steady +1 .. +2 nT, static crashes and hassle from Romania, Serbia, Austria Italy, Spain, noise: floor SW=MW=S0, occ. statics +S1-2
6955      17.49 unid, S5-7, surrounded by occ. utes, oldies songs, 17.56 song: "I wanna buy me
               a Rocking Chair", ass. Zeppelin
1611      18.07 Alcapone, S6-8, 1602 R. Tsenter splashing, Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash,
               Chuck Berry - Roll over Beethoven, 18.11 id, Beatles - Long tall Sally, Buddy
               Holly - Oh Boy
1647      18.16 Oldtimer, S7-9, song: "Da sprach der alte Häuptling der Indianer", instr. polka,
               German version of "I'm gonna knock on your Door", 18.22: Tammy Wynette -
               Stand by your Man, 18.33: Ulli Martin - Du musst nicht weinen, id 18.38: "Oldtimer, de oude                         Kamelenboer"

Sunday 2022-9-25

Calm ionosphere, Bz steady -1 .. 0 nT, no static crashes, noise: floor S0
5800      16.18 Continental, S4-6, 5801 CW, FM - In the Valley back Home, id, Dutch songs,
               id 16.30, Modern Talking - You're my Heart You're my Soul, Max Werner - Rain in May,                                   Dutch version of "A Thing called Love"

Calm ionosphere, Bz steady -1 .. +1 nT, static crashes from Italy, western Mediterranean, Spain, noise: floor S0, occ. statics +S1
6290      17.34 Ronalisa, S4-6, Metallica - Enter Sandman, Dutch version "The Sound of Silence",
               Dutch rock, 17.43: "Radio Ronalisa, the sound of free radio on SW", email, Dutch songs

Very calm ionosphere, MDI=0.01 nT/s, Bz: -2 .. +1 nT, static crashes from western Mediterranean, noise: floor MW=SW=S1, occ. statics +S1
1670      18.56 Digital, S7-9, Fleetwood Mac - Albatross, 19.01: Bryan Adams - Summer of '69,
               19.04: "Dit is freie radio op mittelgolf, Digital AM, Digital", waltz: ".. duizend
               rozen die bloeien", 19.07: greez to Ben and others, id, Mamas & The Papas -
               Monday Monday, Whistling Jack Smith - I was Kaiser Bill's Batman, Heintje - Ich
               bau dir ein Schloß
1629      18.56 Turftrekker, S4-8, Dutch songs, 19.17: greez to Marcel and others, "Dit is de
               Turftrekker"                                                                                                                                                      5800      19.55 Akenzo, S6-9, 5798-5800, Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters, Dutch version of "Ein                                       Bisschen Frieden", greez, "Good evening, you're listening to the pirate station Akenzo,                                 a little pirate station from the Netherlands", song: "Vera Vera can't You See",                                                   Frida - I know there's Something going On, Cats - Be my Day, Volbeat - Lola Montez,                                       20.28: Iron Maiden - Can I play with Madness                                                                                          1618      20.58 unid, S5-8, other carrier on freq, John Fogerty - Southern Streamline, 21.03                                           moved to 1621, Refreshments - Miss You Miss Belinda, moved to 1619, Dutch                                                 songs, 21.16: greez to Frank, 21.18 talking                                                                                                1627      21.08 unid, S3-6, instr. polkas, instr. waltzes

Saturday 2022-9-24

G1-peaks at 13.30-14.30 UTC, disturbed ionosphere, Bz: 0 > -5 nT, static crashes from Russia, Sea of Azov, noise: floor S1, statics +S1
6290      16.29 Ronalisa, S3-5, Dutch song, Sweet - Fox on the Run, "This is Radio Ronalisa,
               good evening", greez to Panda, cd 16.36 and back with bigger power: S5-7,
               part of Dave Edmunds - I hear You Knocking, instr. R&R, 16.37: greez to
               Mike Fox, part of Shocking Blue - Blossom Lady, 16.43: CCR - Sweet Hitch-Hiker
6210      16.45 King SW, S4-6, ute and occ. amateurs on freq, rock tracks, 16.47: id-jingle

G1-G2-peaks at 17.30-19 UTC, Bz erratic: -5 .. +1 nT, signals in fast fading, static crashes                        and hassle from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Italy, western Mediterranean, noise: 
floor S0, statics +S1
6275      18.14 Lowland, S4-7, ute 6269-75, rock tracks, 18.26: Bryan Ferry - Let's stick
               Together, Phil Collins - Sussudio,31: "Good evening, you're listening to
               Radio Lowland from the north eastern side of the Netherlands", giving the
               time, id-jingle
6300      18.18 unid? / Hitmix, S6-9, occ. ute 6300-03, Dutch songs, 18.33: "Thanks for
               listening, low power, low tower, haha, 27C in die hütte", 18.42: "Dit is
               Hitmix Radio live", Dr. Hook - Who the fuck is Alice
6220      18.24 LHH, S3-6, Belters Only feat. Jazzy - Make me feel Good, more dance disco
               tracks, id 18.30
6320      18.37 unid, 5-8, occ. ute 6320-22, techno tracks, ass. Joey                                                                      6288      19.46 unid, S6-9, techno disco songs, ass. Joey                                                                                          6205      19.57 Retro Hits LHH, S3-6, helicopter ute 6200-10, rock tracks, 20.03: "Retro Laser Hits",                             real id from Ray, thanks !

Unsettled ionosphere, static crashes and hassle from Italy, France, Spain, western Mediterranean, Algeria, noise: floor MW=S1, statics +S1
1620      20.15 unid, S6-8, other carrier 1618, accordion version of "Marina", talking, waltz
               song, instr. country mx, Dutch and German songs, polkas, 20.43: greez,
               again accordion version of "Marina", accordion polkas, 20.53: Dutch version
               of Freddy Quinn - Hundert Mann und ein Befehl, instr. polka, 21.00:
               accordion version of "Paloma Blanca"
1611      20.17 Kruik, S5-7, "Mickey Mouse"-polka, 20.18: id, greez to Noordster and
               several other stations
1629      20.21 Blauwe Koe, S7-9, id, 20.26: big band version of "River Kwai March", Wind -
               Für alle
1655      20.39 Yogi, S5-7, 1652 polkas splashing, 1656 harmonic of some station occ.
               covering (assumed Bulgarian), clarinet + big band polka, "1,2,3, hello, goede
               avong luisteraars en amateurs, Yogi Radio met B4", Merrymen - Big Bamboo
1652      20.55 ass. Moby Dick, S5-7, 1650 Greek and 1655 splashing, polkas                                                      1645      21.32 Nachtzwerver, S5-7, rock polka, greez, id, Bellamy Brothers - Let your Love Flow

Friday 2022-9-23                                                                                                                                              Autumnal equinox at 1.04 UTC, sunset 16.20 UTC

Disturbed ionosphere, Bz erratic: -4 .. +2 nT, static crashes from the Black Sea, France, Spain, noise: floor SW=MW=S0, statics +S1
1635      17.18 unid, S4-6, instr. polka, Dutch songs, cd 17.33, no id
5800      17.44 Continental, S6-9, surrounded by several occ. utes, ute 5800-03 covering,
               yodel polka, hosting, Billy Joel - Uptown Girl, rock tracks, 17.58: Knack - My
               Sharona, Dutch songs,18.10: Falco - Rock me Amadeus, Dutch song
               "Malalaica", greez to Waddenzee, id, greez to Alex, "I'm glad you can hear this
               little signal from the Netherlands"
1640      18.21 unid, S6-9, other carrier 1642, accordion polkas, 18.28: instr. "Oh Donna
               Clara"-tango, march polka, cd 18.32, no id
6290      18.40 Panda, S4-7, Roger Whittaker - I don't believe in if Anymore, song: "We no
               speak Americano", song: "Amsterdam Amsterdam", 18.50: "Just a little test,
               6290, hey Hitmix, guten Abend", 18.54: "You're listening to Panda Radio on
               6290", song: "Über sieben Brücken mußt du geh'n", "Now some Dutch country
               music:", Pussycat - Mississippi, 19.08: disco version of "Cotton Eye Joe", Danny
               Vera - Roller Coaster, "I hope you like the music, this is Panda Radio on 6290"

Thursday 2022-9-22

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz -1 .. +1 nT, static crashes from the Black Sea, Turkey, Syria, noise: floor SW=S0, statics +S1-2
6305      17.06 Ronalisa, S3-5, occ. covered by ute 6295-6315, techno, greez to Josef, Gerhard
               Wendland - Tanze mit mir in den Morgen, Heart - Barracuda
5140      17.18 Charleston, S5-7
6955      17.22 unid, S5-7, instr. tracks of pan flute + band, e.g. 17.24: "House of the rising
               Sun", ass. Zeppelin

MW opening, noise: floor MW=S0, statics +S1
1640      17.54 unid, S6-9, other carrier 1638, Stranglers - Skin Deep, Hawaii guitar polka,
               accordion polka, 18.03: Bruce Springsteen - Red headed Woman, Del Shannon -
               Swiss Maid, 18.12: Ernest Tubb - Walking the Floor over You, 18.21:
               Nathaniel Rateliff - Austin City Limits (Son of a Bitch), instr. polka, 30 kHz wide
               audio, 18.30: Johnny Horton - The Batlle of New Orleans, 18.41: Everly Brothers - Cathy's                             Clown, 50^, S8-S9+5
1629      17.56 Turftrekker, S5-8, instr. techno, id, QSO Admiraal, on again 18.19, instr. polka,
               id, QSO Admiraal, Alabama, Markonist, cd 18.21
1620      17.58 Alabama, S5-8, instr. polka, id, QSO Admiraal, polkas, marches, at 18.30: S7-9

Wednesday 2022-9-21

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz +1 .. +4 nT, static crashes and hassle from Russia, Georgia, Turkey,
noise: floor MW=S1, statics +S1-2, MW first opening
1638      17.35 Twentana, S5-8, other carriers 1635, 1639 and 1640, French song, Dutch songs,
               e.g. 17.39: Dutch version of "Obladi Oblada", 17.49: greez to Moonbreker,
               Piepzender, id 18.04, Hollies - Long cool Woman in a black Dress
1660      17.41 Concorde, S5-8, greez, rock tracks, 17.46: "Dit is de Concorde, goede avond",
               Billy Joe Royal - Down in the Boondocks, 17.50: Dr. Hook - Sylvia's Mother,
               17.59: CCR - Fortunate Son
1611      17.45 unid, S4-7, Greek on freq, 1602 R. tsentr splashes covering, Dutch and German
               songs, 18.01: Raymond Froggatt - Callow la vita, 18.14: id in the splashes, cd-ann.,
               instr. polka, cd 18.16
1625      17.48 unid, S3-6, polkas, 17.52 song: "Sarina", moved to 1623 ?, same song for both
1623      18.00 Mike, S4-7, techno disco tracks, 18.05: Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall,
               18.13: Marrs - Pump up the Volume, 18.15 song: "Sarina", 18.18: "Mike Mike
               Mike Radio"                                                                                                                                                      1648      18.38 Turfsteker, 4-7, greez, id, Billy Joe Royal - Down in the Boondocks, cd

Ionosphere very calm, MDI=0.01 nT/s, Bz steady +2 .. +3 nT, no statics, noise: floor SW=MW=S0
6280      20.38 Monique, S7-S9+5, rock, modulation difficulties, 20.40: "Je luistert naar de Radio                                   Monique, 20.45: "Transmitted from our happy European Union", Jamie - Mistral, 21.16:                                 "We really love the pirate stations, don't we", Trinity - We love the Pirate Stations
6295      20.41 unid, S6-9, distorted audio, part of Vengaboys - Sex on the Beach, carrier only,
               cd 20.43-47, part of Vengaboys again, 20.49 carrier only, cd, on again 20.56,
               French song, 20.58 song: "Hava Nagila", 21.02 carrier only, cd 21.03
5880      21.04 Rock Revolution, S5-7, ute 5870-80, also on 1494: S4-6, 21.09: id-jingle,
               Tears For Fears - Shout

Tuesday 2022-9-20

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz erratic: -5 .. 0 nT, static crashes from Ukraine, Russia, noise: floor SW=S0,  statics +S1-2                                                                                                                                                                    5140 17.43 Charleston, S5-7, occ. ute 5137-39, 17.54: Gene Autry - Deep in the Heart of Texas

G1-peak at 18.30 UTC, G3-peak at 19 UTC, Bz erratic: -5 .. 0 nT, signals in fast fading, static crashes from Russia, Georgia, noise: floor MW=SW=S1, statics +S1, MW first opening
1620      18.49 Alabama, S7-9, 1618 splashing, 1618 splashing, Chris Rea - Looking for the
               Summer, Hollies - Long cool Woman in a black Dress, id 18.54, greez to
               Veronica, Alcapone, 19.00: John Fogerty - I can't take It no More, 19.03: greez,
               America - You can have Anything that You Desire
1618      18.50 Marianne, S6-8, 1620 splashing, greez, id, polka song                                                                    6205      19.12 LHH, S5-7, occ. utes 6195-6220, id 19.14, good evening wishes in English, Dutch                                   and German, Jimi Hendrix Experience - All along the Watchtower, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky ,                           Mick & Tich - Legend of Xanadu

G3-G2-G1-peaks at 19-20 UTC, distorted MW signals in deep fading
1665      19.51 Digital, S5-9, Shuffels - Shalala I need You, Frank Yankovic & His Yanks - Beer
               from Milwaukee Polka, instr. R&R, trumpet march polka, song: "Surabaya
               Surabaya", id 20.09, greez, 20.13: Yankovic - Hey Baba Reba (Cafe Polka)

Monday 2022-9-19

G1-peak at 15.30 UTC, Bz erratic: -5 .. +4 nT, static crashes from Denmark, Germany, noise: floor SW=S0, statics +S1
5835,2   16.35 pres. Evropa, S5-7, ute 5820-45, Cheap Trick - I want You to want Me, 16.47:
               Ram Jam - Black Betty, Barry Ryan - Eloise

G1-peaks at 17-18 UTC, Bz erratic: -4 .. +4 nT, signals in fast fading, static crashes from Denmark, Germany, noise: floor S1, statics +S1-2
6300      17.38 Mike, S8-S9+5, Fox The Fox - Precious little Diamond, 17.45: Genesis - No Son
               of Mine, 17.55: Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears, Gilbert O'Sullivan - Nothing
               Rhymed, Sting - Russians, Van Halen - Jump, 30^, 18.16: VNV Nation - Nova
               (Shine a Light on Me), A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran, Golden Earring - Radar Love,
               Londonbeat - I've been thinking about You, 60^, Blondie - Hanging on the
               Telephone, Genesis - Firth of Fifth, 18.55: "Mike Mike Mike Radio"                                                        5140      19.48 Charleston, S6-8, song: "Puttin on The Ritz", George Formby - Isle Of Man                                5880      19.56 Rock Revolution, S5-7, CW 5881, 20.00: id-jingle, Deep Blue Something -                                                 Breakfast at Tiffany's

Calming, still disturbed ionosphere, Bz erratic: -4 .. +2 nT, distorted MW-signals, static crashes from Spain, Algeria, noise: floor MW=S1, statics +S1
1670      20.10 Vrolijke Mijnwerker, S6-9, Nick Mackenzie - Hello Good Morning, Matchbox -
               Midnight Dynamos, 20.13: thanking for reports, id, instr. polka
1647      20.15 Oldtimer, S6-9, greez, instr. polka, 20.17: greez, "gib all meine Liebe zurück"-waltz
1620      20.23 Zorro, S5-8, other carrier 1618, Alan Jackson - Long long Way, Dutch song, big
               band march polka, 20.31: "Luisteraars, je sind verbonden met de Zender Zorro
               uit Twente", greez to Casablanca, Astronaut, to David: "Thank you and good
               night", instr. polka, id 20.34, cd-ann, greez to Eigen Risico, Pecon, Carabijn and
               others, cd 20.35
1611      20.37 Augusta, S5-8, Greek on freq, 1602 R. Tsentr splashing, hosting, Mud - Crazy,
               jingle, Patsy Cline - Crazy
1494      20. 44 Rock Revolution, S4-7, Rubettes - I can do It                                                                                    1633      21.19 Ros AM, S7-S9+5, Cracker - Low, part of Elton John - Goodbye yellow Brick                                             Road, Paul Simon - 50 Ways to leave your Lover, part of Freddie Jackson -                                                         I wanna say I love you, Flash And The Pan - Midnight Man, 21.37: part of Tanita                                               Tikaram - Twist in my Sobriety, 21.40: Paul McCartney & Wings - Mrs. Vandebilt,                                             20.42: greez to David, Ben, "Ros AM, goede avond", Bruce Hornsby & The Range -                                           Every little Kiss, Tom Petty - A Face in the Crowd                                                                                      1642      21.29 unid, S4-7, wobbling carrier, QSO Mijnwerker, whistling polka, cd 21.30

Sunday 2022-9-18

Last night's solar wind event weakening, ionosphere unsettled, Bz steady -4 .. -2 nT, occ. static crashes from Sweden, Denmark, noise: floor S0 --- 48 and 49 meterbands closing
6290      06.47 Black Power, S6-8, Jürgen Renfordt - Du hast ihre Augen, part of a waltz song,
               Hansi Hinterseer - Amore mio, 6.55: id, "A little test here", Bloodhound Gang -
               Along comes Mary, 7.07: Midnight Oil - Beds are Burning
6205      07.10 Scotland, S6-8, Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi, 7.11: greez, "This is RSI,
               playing 5 minutes and then I close down", Rolling Stones - We love You, id,
               U2 - Gloria, id, "The last record for this morning:", Tommy James & The
               Shondells - Crimson and Clover, 7.30: "This is really the last one on RSI:",
               Tremeloes - Suddenly You love Me, 7.37: cd-jingle, cd
5945      07.27 unid, S2-5, rock tracks, 7.34: Extreme - More Than Words, Righteous Brothers -
               Unchained Melody                                                                                                                                          6120      07.50 Casanova, S5-7, greez to Carrierwave, id, Zellberg Buam - Ich bin ein Casanova,                                   greez to Rick of south western Finland, Jim Reeves - This World is not my Home,                                             Cristy Lane - One Day at a Time

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz very erratic: -7 .. +6 nT, static crashes from Russia, Ukraine, noise: floor SW=S0, statics +S1-2
6950      15.31 Enterprise, S4-7, amateurs on freq, id-jingle, email, Italian songs

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz very erratic: -5 .. +7 nT, signals in fast fading, constant static crashes and hassle from Russia, noise: floor S1, statics +S1-3
6210      17.23 King SW, S6-8, utes 6200-6217, Blood, Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheel, 17.29:
               "King SW - music a-go-go"
5800      17.33 unid? / Radio 60 , S8-S9+5, ute on freq, "Erdenman here at the mic", instr. techno,
               17.34: greez to UKDXer, "On this frequency Radio 60", 17.39: disco version of "Azurro"
5835,2   17.42 pres. Evropa, S6-8, Frankie Avalon - Venus make my Wish come True,
               Diamonds - Little Darlin                                                                                                                                  5790      18.34 Akenzo, S7-9, id, greez, 18.36: greez to UKDXer, DXAce, "You're listening to                                             the Zender Akenzo from the northern part of the Netherlands", greez, e.g.                                                       Tony with S9+10, "Zender Akenzo with low power and low tower", email,                                                         "My QSL is not ready yet, haha", panflute rock                                                                                          6285      18.47 Parade (UK), S6-8, oldies jazz, "Broadcasting for Europe and beyond on the 75,                                     48 and 43 meter bands, this is Radio Parade International", cd 18.50                                                  6205      18.52 LHH, S4-7, ute on freq, id

G1-peak at 19 UTC, disturbed ionosphere,Bz very erratic: -7 .. +7 nT, constant static crashes from Russia, the Black Sea, southern Baltic Sea, noise: floor SW=MW=S1, statics +S1-3
5770      19.28 unid, S4-7, covered by wide ute 5750-90, rock tracks
1662      20.03 Josje Power, S6-9, id, greez to Digital, instr. polka, cd-ann. instr. polka, cd 20.05
1670      20.06 Digital, S6-9, instr. "Johnny Guitar", QSO Josje Power, cd 20.08
1649      20.10 Eigen Risico, S5-8, instr. waltzes, 20.13: Frankie Yankovic - She's too fat for Me,
               20.16: QSO Josje Power, thanking for reports, greez to David, instr. waltz,
               20.19: "David, I am a very happy man", instr. polka
1621      20.21 unid, S6-9, Greek 1620 occ. covering, instr. polka, Dutch songs, e.g. 20.27: "In
               de warme zon van Mallorca", 20.32: choir + organ version of "Het Wilhelmus",
               cd 20.37
1656      20.25 unid, S5-8, songs, 20.30: Spanish talking, 20.39 covered by 1655, cd 20.52
1655      20.39 Witte Raaf, s/on, S7-S9+5, 1656 splashing, P!nk - Sober, 20.45: Albert
               Hammond - I'm a Train, 20.51: Equals - I get so Excited, 20.58, "Goede avond, dit
               is de Witte Raaf op de zomer avond, this Witte Raaf Radio", Willie Nelson -
               Always on my Mind

Saturday 2022-9-17

Calm ionosphere, Bz: +8 > +3 nT, static crashes from Denmark, Germany, noise: floor SW=S0, statics +S1
6275      14.56 Lowland, S3-6, Marshall Hain - Dancing in the City, 15.00: "Radio station from
               the Netherlands, Radio Lowland", email, 15.06: Frankie Goes to Hollywood -
               Relax, cd 15.11
5835,2   15.13 pres. Evropa, S5-7, concert recording of Ukrainian? rock tracks

Calm ionosphere, Bz erratic: +3 .. +7 nT, static crashes and hassle from Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Bosnia-Hertzegovina, noise: floor S1, statics +S1-2
6295      17.16 unid, S7-9, ute on freq, techno disco tracks
6210      17.18 King SW, S4-7, surrounded by occ. utes 6200-17, rock tracks, id 17.26
6205      17.28 unid, unassessable, covered by occ. utes 6200-17, Boney M - Rasputin, rock tracks
6280      17.44 Anthony, S9-S9+10, occ. ute 6277, id-jingles, Comb Stereo info, Polish? song,
               17.47: jingles, Ukranian rock, jingles, Polish? country song, jingles, Mills
               Brothers - Chinatown my Chinatown, jingles, Hank Williams - Hey Good Lookin'

Unsettled ionosphere, static crashes from the Gulf of Finland, and static hassle from Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, noise: floor MW=S1, statics +S1, signals in deep fading,
southern and eastern propagation routes dominating < G1 peak at 21 UTC, Bz: +1 > -6 nT
1638      19.29 Bluebird, S7-S9+10, Dutch song, 19.31: greez to Johnny Camaro,
               Drukstoomjager, Dutch songs, rock, 19.39:Blue Diamonds - Angelina lass das
               Weinen, instr. polka, Connie Francis & Hank Williams Jr. - Send me the
               Pillow that You dream On
1670      19.49 Kalibar (SRB), S7-9, "Calibar calling Kristal", cd
1670      19.50 Kristal (SRB), S7-9, QSO Kalibar, trad. mx, cd 19.52
1670      19.57 Romeo (SRB), S7-9, QSO Kalibar
1648      20.36 Markonist, S7-S9+5, Golden Earring - Radar Love, CCR - I put a Spell on You, Al
               Stewart - Year of the Cat, "Because You're Smart"-polka, polka song cavalcade,
               20.53: "Kleine test van de Markonist", greez, instr. polka
1652      20.38 Moby Dick, S5-9, 1648 splashing, polkas and a few waltzes, 20.55:
               "Etherpiraaten"- polka, "In San Antonio ... cumbaja cumbajo"-polka, 21.07:
               Dutch version of "Mohikana Shalali", 21.13: greez to Daniel en Soto, "Radio
               Moby Dick hier, goede avond, dit is de Radio Moby Dick uit de Veluwe, good
               evening", greez to chat
1620      20.48 Philadelphia, S3-7, other carrier 1619 occ. covering, Johnny Cash songs, e.g.
               20.50: "Tennessee Flat Top Box", 21.00: Johnny Cash - I hung my Head -
               Cocaine Blues - The Man comes Around, id 21.09, Johnny Cash - God's gonna
               cut You Down, more Cash records

Friday 2022-9-16

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz: -3 .. 0 nT, constant static crashes from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Albania, noise: floor SW=S0, statics +S1-2
5835,2   16.35 pres. Evropa, S5-7, Bad Company - Feel like making Love - Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy -
               Rock Steady - Shooting Star                                                                                                                            5800      16.52 unid, S4-6, Dutch country mx, Dutch version of "You're my Heart You're my                                           Soul", 17.00: Dutch version of "Nikita", covered by occ. utes 5800-03 and 5798-5800                                       German and Dutch songs, 25^                                                                                                                      6210      17.25 Ronalisa, unassessable, covered by utes 6207-17, Sweet - Fox on the Run,                                             polka song, 17.28: talking, greez to Panda, 17.31: talking, Jeff Wayne - The                                                         Chances of Anything coming from Mars, Dutch version of "The Sound of                                                           Silence", 17.37: id, "Low power at the moment", 17.39: instr. "Ghost Riders in                                                   the Sky, cd 17.42

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz: +1 .. +4, constant static crashes and hassle from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, noise: floor S1, statics +S1-3
6290      18.25 Panda, S5-7, Harry Chapin - WOLD, Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman

Thursday 2022-9-15

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz steady +10 .. +12 nT, static crashes from Ukraine, Hungary, Romania,                noise: floor SW=S0, statics +S1
5835,2   16.32 pres. Evropa, S5-7, Ukrainian? rock and jazz tracks                                                                        6205      16.58 VOTN, S5-8, surrounded and covered by occ. utes, Who - My Generation, Eric                                       Clapton - Layla, Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer, Dire Straits - Money for Nothing,                                                   Oasis - Wonderwall, 17.14: "Test, 1,2, test, 1,2,3, goede avond, dit is de Voice",                                                 David Bowie - Let's Dance

Calm ionosphere, Bz: +9 .. +13 nT, constant static crashes and hassle from Romania, Hungary,            Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Adriatic Sea, Spain, noise: floor S0, statics +S1-2
5800      18.00 Continental, S6-8, greez to Kevin, "Winni winni wanna wanna"- song, Dutch
               songs, 18.09 song: "Battle of New Orleans", 18.13: Helen Shapiro - Walking back
               to Happiness, 18.15: "Radio Continental experimentelle", Johnny Cash - Boy
               named Sue, rock version of "Sabre Dance", 18.23 carrier only, cd 18.24

MW first opening, noise MW=S0, statics +S1
1630      18.37 DB, S5-9, other carrier on freq, yodel cowboy polka, German waltzes, Dutch
               songs, 18.56: greez to Roy, id
1655      18.43 Marskramer, S4-8, Lobo - I'd Love You to Want Me, New Seekers - I'd like to
               teach the World to Sing, rock, 18.49: Tina Turner - It takes two Baby, 18.53:
               id, greez to David

Wednesday 2022-9-14

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz: -5 .. 0 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, no statics
5835,2   16.14 pres. Evropa, S6-8, Glitter Band - Lets get together Again, Hurricane Smith - Oh
               Babe what would You Say, Ivy League - Funny how Love can Be, Paper Lace -
               The Night Chicago Died, Rubettes - Tonight, Marmalade - Reflections of my
               Life, Bobby V - Rubber Ball                                                                                                                            6005      17.32 Blackstone, S5-7, 6000 CNR Beijing 1 splashes covering, rock tracks, 17.35:                                             Dutch talking, "Hello everybody, this is Radio Blackstone", 17.43: Ike & Tina Turner -                                       Proud Mary

Disturbed ionosphere, Bz erratic: -5 .. +3 nT, signals in fast fading, static crashes from France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, noise: floor S0, statics +S1-2
6205      18.05 LHH, S3-6, surrounded by covering utes, rock tracks, English hosting, 18.55: id-
               jingle, same as station's web stream
5800      18.13 Hitmix, S7-S9+5, Dutch songs, 18.22: Uriah Heep - Lady in Black, Dutch and
               German songs, e.g. 18.38: Dutch version of "I never promised You a Rose
               Garden", 18.40: KC & The Sunshine Band - That's the Way (I like It), 30^,
               18.51: Dutch version of "Ring of Fire", occ. helicopter ute 5992-5807 and
               5802-17, 18.59-19.02: audio break in mid music, carrier only, 19.04: Gerry And
               The Pacemakers - I like It, "Test, 1,2, hello, test transmission from a block in
               the bush", Dalla theme mx, 19.08: Sandy Shaw - Puppet on a String, Harpo -
               Motocycle Mama, 19.12: "Short test transmission from the bush, 5800",
               19.13: 60^, Beach Boys - Good Vibrations, 19.15: greez to Misti, "Thanks for
               listening to this small radio station", 19.17: id

Disturbed ionosphere, Bz erratic: -7 .. +2 nT, distorted signals in deep fading, noise: floor MW=S0, statics from France, Switzerland, Germany, western Mediterranean +S1-2
1620      19.52 King Kong, S5-9, other carrier 1619 occ. covering, 15 kHz wide audio, Dutch
               song, instr. "Roll out the Barrel", waltz song, Dutch songs, 20.21: talking,
               Vanessa - Upside Down, 20.26: Johnny Cash - The greatest Cowboy of them
               All, 20.44: instr. "On the Bayou", 20.47: talking, greez, 20.49: "Dit was de
               Zender King Kong", Hank Snow - Waiting for a Train, cd 20.52
1636      19.59 unid, s/on, S5-9, rock, cd 20.03, no id
1629      20.03 unid, s/on, S4-8, instr. polka, cd 20.04, no id
1655      20.05 Kristal, S4-8, 1656U Spanish sea info occ. covering, Dutch songs, 20.12: greez,
               id, instr. polkas, 20.37: Don Williams - We should be Toger, "Rode rozen op
                witte zijde"-waltz
1630      20.29 unid, S3-7, wobbling carrier drifting up, other carrier 1631, yodel polka, instr.
               polka, more polkas, at 21.00 on 1631
1620      20.57 unid, S4-8, other carrier 1619 occ. covering, trumpet polkas, cd 21.08, no id