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BetaJBK dxing

I do all my dxing from or at my remote QTH, which is shown in the upper picture. It consists of:

- Elad FDM-S2

- SDR Play RSP2 Pro

- Remotely Wan-operable antenna switching unit MS-S7, see subfolder

- Laptop with Console and Server, SDR Uno, Elad FDM-SW2, via virtual USB-ports Ergo4 + ILG and Rx_log_Tuner

- WLAN to router, 4G + DDNS to Web

- several clamp on cores everywhere, before the SDR an NTi CCMC30 common mode current filter, all equipment grounded to one point before out take to the antenna grounding point.

My city QTH is in the picture to the right

The antennas at the remote QTH:

- Multi-end-Beverage, 630 m,  single Beverage, 70 m, both are  3 meters above ground level and have: far end groundings  with 800-900 ohm metal foil resistors, lightning arresters before impedance matching, Ham Goodies longwire multi UnUn's to RG-58 , see subfolder

- 40 meters long T2FD-antenna, center 8 meters high, sloping legs, omni-directional.

- 40 meters long Double Kaz, see subfolder

- everything grounded to 30 meters of 16 mm2 copper wire in the ground + five grounding rods to a level under  ground frost,  antenna wires underground to house

Welcome to view some aspects of my dxing hobby in the picture carousels.




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