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BetaJBK dxing

I do all my dxing from or at my remote QTH, which is shown in the upper picture. It consists of:

- Elad FDM-S2

- Antenna tuner * and remote switch

- Laptop with, via virtual USB-ports Ergo4 + ILG and Rx_log_and_Tuner      

- WLAN to router, 3G + DDNS to Web

- several clamp on cores everywhere, all equipment grounded to one point before out take to the antenna grounding point.

inoperational due to thunder storm damage

My city QTH is in the picture to the right

The antennas at the remote QTH:

- Double-V-Beverage under evaluation, total length 520 meters, 3 meters above ground level, grounding  with  2 kilo-ohm resistors, HFC- Nachrichtentechnik longwire balun to RG-58, grounding before intake to the house *

- 40 meters long T2FD-antenna, center 8 meters high, sloping legs, omni-directional.

new balun and RG-58 under testing after thunder storm damage

Welcome to view some aspects of my dxing hobby in the picture carousels.




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